Barbeque Shrimp-Island Style

by Buck on August 21, 2009

img_shrimpMy gas grill sees barbequing action in every month of the year. In the summer months we move it to the back gardens which, when in bloom, provide a beautiful background for entertaining. In the fall I move the grill to our deck adjacent to the kitchen so I don’t have to shovel too much snow to access it in the winter. We really do grill 12 months of the year.

While there is still some summer left I have some favorite island based recipes that lend themselves to a warm summer evening dining in the garden. Barbeque Shrimp Island Style is a quickly marinated dish that takes less the 30 minutes to prepare and grill.

Ingredients: for 4 servings:

1 ½ lbs large shrimp
½ cup pureed pineapple
½ cup pineapple juice
½ cup orange marmalade
¼ cup soy sauce
4 or 5 cloves garlic minced
*1 Serrano or 4 Jalapeno chiles
!/3 cup chopped cilantro

Shell and devein the shrimp
Divide shrimp into serving sizes and thread each serving on a bamboo skewer
Combine all marinade ingredients into a bowl and mix

Gas or charcoal grill should have medium level heat

While grill is heating:
Step 1.Wrap exposed ends of skewers with Aluminum foil
Step 2.Coat the shrimp with ½ of the marinade (reserve the remainder)

When grill is heated:
Step 3.Brush heated grill rack with oil
Step 4. Placed skewered shrimp on rack to grill
Step 5. After 2 minutes turn shrimp over
Step 6. 2 minutes after turning the shrimp should be done
Step 7. Shrimp should be white in center when ready( cut one to check)
Step 8. Place on dinner plates that have been warmed
Step 9. Spoon reserved marinade over the shrimp
Serve Immediately

Accompaniments Steamed rice with either zucchini or asparagus works well with shrimp
The zucchini or asparagus can be grilled along side the shrimp.

Important tips: The high acid content of the marinade means that the shrimp should be coated only about ten minutes before grilling. When the remainder is spooned over the grilled shrimp before serving, get the dish to the table quickly. The marinade can cook the shrimp to a mushy softness if left to itself too long. This is a quickly prepared dish that is great if you remember to be quick with the marinade.

*Serrano Chiles are much hotter than Jalapenos so if you use the sSerranos be cautious. We have access in our location to a wide range of peppers which may not be the case where you live. Jalapenos are pretty much available everywhere.

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