Pulled Pork-An Easy, Winning Dish

by Buck on August 9, 2011

Grand kids were scheduled for a visit and lunch on the deck last week. What to serve to a gathering with ages ranging around the table from 4 yrs. old to the early 70’s was the question?

It took only a short time to come up with a center dish that was easy and that everyone enjoys. That was a pulled pork sandwich. Cole slaw, a cold fruit salad, lemonade and Klondike bars completed the menu.

The pulled pork was a popular choice. After one bite my 15 yr old granddaughter said, This is so good it’s creating danger of seconds.

Easy Pulled pork


Loin of pork- boneless or bone in (best buy)
Large hamburger rolls

Marinade Ingredients
Olive oil
Wine vinegar
Minced garlic cloves
Soy sauce
Salt & freshly ground pepper
Worcestshire sauce
Juice of a lemon


Marinade the loin of pork for two to three hours
The marinade ingredients were what was on hand. Use a bit of imagination with what is in your cupboard or simply buy a commercial marinade package at the store.
Roast the pork in the marinade, covered, at 300’ for about 2.5 hours
Allow pork to cool and then pull it apart into shreds
Place in a container and douse liberally with your favorite BBQ sauce
We allow the pork and the sauce to stay in the fridge over night.

On a round roll build a sandwich with a generous pile of pork and top with a tablespoon of the cole slaw
At our table the teen age grandkids built the sandwiches for the younger kids

The danger of seconds of the pork was realized with almost everyone succumbing to that temptation.

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