Salmon Grilled with Sesame Ginger Marinade

by Buck on May 28, 2010

1743salmon_filletWith the hot weather finally here in the mountains we are grilling several times each week. Salmon was on the grill last night. We picked up a salmon filet of about 2 lbs. It was a wild caught Alaskan salmon.

I pretty much have abandoned salmon that has been raised in a fish farm on the West Coast. It is generally artificially colored and really doesn’t taste that great. Salmon lovers know that the best salmon comes from the Atlantic-Nova Scotia-Scotland-Ireland- England(Dart River)- Norway and Sweden all have excellent Salmon. I think Scotland and Ireland are the best with the rest a close second.

Wild caught Alaskan salmon is the best variety regularly available where we live and is really a decent variety.

I was up for trying a Tuscan recipe for grilled salmon but the garden planting takes priority the last week in May so quick meals are required. We really can’t plant much before Memorial Day so the 4 garden areas need to be in the ground almost at once.

The Tuscan Grilled Salmon will have to wait for another day. A bottle of Lawry’s Sesame Ginger Mandarin Orange juice marinade went over the Alaskan salmon ½ hour before grill time,

The grill was heated to a medium hot temperature
Oil the grill rack
Place the salmon on the oiled rack, skin side down
Close the lid on the grill
8 minutes is all that is needed
Open the lid and test the salmon with a fork
If it flakes it is done
It never needs more than 9 minutes(never if the heat is right)

I roasted a few veggies on the grill to accompany the salmon.
Quartered, seasoned cucumbers, asparagus and vine ripened mini peppers worked well with the salmon The veggies should have a 5 minute head start on the salmon

Salmon tip- check the salmon to remove any fine belly bones that may be present.
This is a two minute exercise-no big deal.

The Lawry’s marinade is a handy product to have in the cupboard. It adds a quick positive extra to your quick grilled salmon

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